Wat the kids said:

“I don’t want to leave here!”

“Thank you!” (And I’m being hugged …)

“What a fun afternoon this is!”

“Why are there all the houses here? Do you live here?”

“Somehow snails are slippery … I’m going to release them in the forest, so they can continue to live there!”


“What is that?” (Screaming looking at a pea pod near the pod plant). “I think a bumblebee eats these…”

“Do you also have a pot for the soil for me?” (To which I tell someone to pass him a jar)

“Aw…how cute!” (When I show a pot of emerging endive seedlings)

“Teacher! She says I took the soil out of her jar but I didn’t!” (To which I say the two of them will probably figure it out on their own)

“Teacher! I will definitely come by again, I will call you and then I will come again. Can I come tomorrow? I can at 12 o’clock.”

the Be(e) Garden


You can visit the Be(e) Garden the whole year round! Make an appointment by sending us an e-mail to contact@vocaaltjes.nl

or call Susan:

00 31 (0) 6 47 140 800


Do you want to visit the Be(e) Garden with your kid(s)? You can!

The Be(e) Garden is located in Almere (The Netherlands). Contact us for the address and more info.


Under parental supervision, there is room for children from 3 to 10 years old at a time.

For schools

Under the supervision of a teacher, there is room for children from group 1 to 5 at a time.


The kids learn:

  • to take care of nature
  • to take care of each other and themselves
  • to share

Together with the little ones Susan sings self written veggie garden songs. Singing the songs together happens in the wood chip circle where the little ones get lemonade / water and can sit together in a circle. After the singing fifteen minutes, each child is given the space to help in the garden: watering, walking with the wheelbarrow with soil, raking and shoveling. They can also help with the water pump.

There are educational, fun activities on the program for the older children.


Of course the children are supervised and monitored by Susan and Will, but the parents / teachers / supervisors present remain ultimately responsible for the safety of their child(ren). Toddlers and preschoolers are not allowed to work independently in the vegetable garden and the parent(s) / teachers / supervisors are therefore expected to help.

Learning playfully!