Vocaaltjes is an initiative of Susan Zeegers & Will Sophie. Since 2016 they have been running a music school in Almere/Lelystad, where they have bundled their many years of stage and experience in music education.

Since 2021 they have a vegetable garden, named “the Be(e) Garden”, where they combine their educational music skills and their natural knowledge of vegetable gardening and being outdoors. They have captured their music background and passion for vegetable gardening and outdoor living in online vlogs and songs. Now there is also the possibility to visit the vegetable garden live with your child(ren) and experience everything in real life. Are you visiting too?


Susan Zeegers
00 31 (0) 6 47 140 800

Will Sophie
00 31 (0) 6 21 241 257



Our dream is to bring as many children as possible into contact with nature… to let them be themselves in a natural habitat…. to teach them to work together, to care for each other, to share with each other. To let them relax, to catch their breath. Let them recharge, refuel their energy. To remind them to regularly breathe in the fresh air and to let them experience what it is like to be timeless outside in all weather conditions. In harmony with nature, each other and the world.
To remind them that nature is the real internet!